Die Splitter and Die Manipulator

Turning Stations WE fulfill the task of turning mainly big and heavy components, safe and fast.

Very often, for example, they are used within flow production lines, at which one big component
+ has to be turned by 90° or another angle for production reason / assembly reason
+ after finalizing of assembly of one side has to be turned by 180° for assembly work at the opposite side.
+ after finalizing of assembly work has to be turned into transport position and to be deposited onto a transport device.
Loading / offloading of the Turning Station can be done by
+ existing overhead crane
+ pick up / depositing of the component to be turned onto a transport cart or load pick up, out of a / into a position specified before Components to be turned do exist at a lot of industrial sectors, mainly at assembly areas, for example:
+ Frames, which have to be equipped with components from both sides
+ Drive shafts of wind turbines
+ Hubs of wind turbines
+ Big press dies during maintenance work
+ Big bearings
Basing on standardized base versions with suitable sizes and load capacities, Turning Stations always are designed customer-specific, especially in relation to weight and geometry / dimensions of the components to be turned.

We offer Tuning Stations for components up to 50 tons weight and more.
You are looking for a solution to turn "unhandy" and heavy components safely, fastly and reliably? Please give to us your requirement data. We would like to check our possibilities and to provide you with an interesting offer.

  • Die Splitter and Die Manipulator

    Die Splitter for 6 ton Dies

  • Die Splitter and Die Manipulator

    Die Separator for 30 ton Dies

  • Die Splitter and Die Manipulator
  • Die Splitter and Die Manipulator